Mike & Eve Covich

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi we are Team Notorious P.I.T bbq (Mike and Eve Covich)Myself and eve have had a passion for food all our lives, Barbecue was something that came into our lives about sixyears ago, This is now something that we will truly never look back on.  We have met some of the most amazing people in the BBQ scene we have here in New Zealand, and it has opened up some amazing doors into the food world for us. We do a wide variety of barbecue ranging from catering for the masses, events, home cooking, competition barbecue and more. I was lucky enough years ago to be asked to do a corporate catering gig 4 Jack Daniels New Zealand, as someone else had pulled out And from there on out became the resident pitmaster for all major Jack Daniels events. this was like a dream come true. I Also help do a lot of big events with my mate Clint Davies of morepork barbecue which is always a lot of fun. My wife eve is an exceptional cook and has a massive part and everything we achieve, she is an amazing All round cook and Baker. With eve and myself we truly are a great team with a lot of passion And pride in everything we do. This journey has certainly been made a lot better being able to make the most of some great products and brand being chargriller.


Glen Eden West Auckland New Zealand

Favourite dish to grill:

Pork belly with the best crackle would be my go to

Fun Fact:

A fun fact about me would be that I love cooking for as many people as possible

Favourite Activity:

When we are not barbecuing our life is all about baseball

Char-Griller of Choice

Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Grill

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