Ceramic Kamado Parts

To order your Char-Griller spare part, please order though the Bunnings special orders desk. Quote the spare part item number as per the chart above.

If you have a question about what parts you need, please contact our customer service on 1300 360 211 or email customerservice@mayohardware.com.au

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Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Grill

Parts list

1 K55RCGRRSP1 Top Vent
2 K55CGSP03 Thermometer
3 K55CGSP14 Rain Cover
4 K55RCGRRSP4 Hinge
5 K55CGSP13 Spring (2pc)
6 K55RCGRRSP6 Bracket Left (2pc)
7 K55RCGRRSP7 Bracket Right (2pc)
8 K55RCGRRSP8 Metal Side Shelf (2pc)
9 K55CGSP07 Damper
10 K55RCGRRSP10 Handle
11 K55RCGRRSP11 Fibreglass Gasket (2pc)
12 K55RCGRRSP12 Sliding vent
13 K55RCGRRSP13 Trolley Assembly Black (4pc)
14 K55RCGRRSP14 Trolley Leg Cross (2pc)
15 K55RCGRRSP15 Wheel without Lock (2pc)
16 K55RCGRRSP16 Wheel with Lock (2pc)
17 K55CGSP08 Cooking Grid
18 CGKSS Heat Deflector
19 K55CGSP02 Fire Ring
20 K55CGSP05 Charcoal Grate
21 K55CGSP01 Fire Box
22 K55RCGRRSP22 Ash Tool
23 K55RCGRRSP23 Ceramic Lid
24 K55RCGRRSP24 Ceramic Base
25 & 26 & 27 K55RCGRRSP26 Hardware Pack