Jo Safet Char-Griller

Jo Safet

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hey, I’m Jo and what can I say except I love to cook just about anything! I’m a big believer in anything that can be cooked in the kitchen can be cooked on a BBQ! And let’s just say I love experimenting with different proteins, cuts and flavour profiles

I didn’t always cook BBQ and I would definitely say I’m self taught. I grew up with my dad cooking sausages and onions cooked in beer on a 4 burner gas BBQ as a little girl. It wasn’t until I went to university, completely my Bachelor of Education and moved out of home that I discovered my passion for cooking.

For hubby’s birthday one year I bought him a bullet smoker. That’s when I moved from cooking in the kitchen to cooking outdoors with charcoal and I’ve never looked back. Nothing beats that delicious, smoky BBQ flavour.

I’ve moved on and upwards from the bullet to the Char-Griller Double Play and Competition Pro offset smoker and for those hot n fast grills I love the Akorn. Whenever I have spare time you will find me developing a new recipe and cooking up a feast. That’s my ZEN!


Perth, Western Australia

Favourite dish to grill:

Anything chicken, but I love those long low and slow cooks

Fun Fact:

I used to dress up in costumes and host children’s birthday parties

Favourite Activity:

Love being outdoors walking my dog

Char-Griller of Choice

Double Play® Dual Function Gas & Charcoal Grill

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