How to get the best sear

How to get the best sear Today we’re talking grill marks, how to get the best sear! When I’m pulling anything off the grill, I want it to have beautiful char-marks, diamonds, a cross hatch, whatever you like, but some line of sear. This means flavour! Getting the perfect sear on the grill doesn’t have […]

How To Offset Smoke Without The Side Fire Box

How to Offset Smoke Without the Side Fire Box Char-Griller Ambassador James Llorens of @certified.creole.bbq knows a thing or two about BBQ and smoking, but did you know he didn’t know how to use a Side Fire Box when he started out? James was all about smoking using the indirect method in his barrel grill. […]

How To Manage The Heat In Your AKORN® Kamado Grill

How to Manage the Heat in Your AKORN® Kamado Grill The AKORN® Kamado provides great versatility for any pitmaster, perfect for going low n’ slow at 95° or hot n’ fast for the perfect sear. Below, we’ll teach you how to properly start and maintain the heat in your Kamado no matter what meal you want to accomplish.  How An Ambassador Does It Instead […]

Guide To Smoke For Great BBQ

Guide To Smoke For Great BBQ Tired of speculating why your BBQ comes out with a harsh, unappetising smoky flavour or why you can’t accomplish the perfect thin blue smoke even though you seem to be doing everything right? Below we’re offering tips for achieving clean smoke and great tasting BBQ. Achieving clean smoke starts […]

Lump Or Briquettes In The Gravity 980 Charcoal Grill

Lump Charcoal vs Charcoal Briquettes Char-Griller US Ambassador Steve Dotson of Cookout Coach have been using the Gravity 980 for a while now. Not only has he cooked on it at home, but he has also even been using it in competitions! After using the Gravity 980 for a while, he wanted to write up […]

Fire Management Tips for Smoking

Fire Management Tips for Smoking When preparing to complete a smoke, remember that managing your fire is one of the most important parts of pulling off a successful cook. The process of managing the fire in your smoker looks different for different cooks and in different smokers. First and foremost, USE A CHARCOAL CHIMNEY! It’s […]

Char-Griller Pro Tips: Direct vs Indirect Cooking

Direct versus Indirect Heat You’ll hear the phrases “direct grilling” and “indirect grilling” a-lot in the world of grilling and smoking. But often, the recipes or blogs that mention these phrases don’t explain what the difference is. If you’ve been confused about which method, you should use when grilling, don’t worry, we’re about to explain.    What is […]