So, you’ve got your Gravity 980 all assembled, and your mouth is already watering after settling on the maiden voyage menu. First things first, in order to keep your grates and grill protected for many cooks to come, you want to break in the Gravity with a good ol’ seasoning. In this blog, we’re breaking down exactly how to season the Gravity 980!

Before seasoning your Gravity, it’s important to first complete the burn in, which is not the same as the seasoning process. The grill will come with factory applied oils, packaging debris and overall unwanted flavours that should be burned off before your grill is ready to be seasoned.

Before starting the burn in, be sure to remove any and all packaging materials. Double check inside the grill, under the grates and in the hopper for any leftover plastic, Styrofoam or other materials. There is a protective covering on the hopper fire bricks that will disintegrate/burn off naturally during the seasoning process, so there’s no need to remove it. The material is pictured below.

Material that you do not have to remove from the Gravity 980 Hopper

Once the grill is cleared out, it’s time to begin the burn in process.

  • Add charcoal to the hopper until it is ¼ full (approximately 4 lbs. Of briquettes)
  • Follow the owner’s manual “Lighting Instructions” and set the Gravity’s temperature to 350°F. Once it reaches temperature, keep it there for 60 minutes.
  • Turn it off and allow the grill to completely cool off.

After completing the initial burn, you need to then season your entire grill before your first cook. Your grill will be ready to season as soon as it cools down from your first burn.

  • Once your grill is completely cool, use a paper towel, cloth or a brush to apply a light coat of your favorite vegetable oil on the cooking grates, the warming rack and the inside of the lid and body.
  • Next, fill your charcoal hopper about ¼ of the way with briquettes (approximately 4 lbs.)
  • Refer to the “Lighting Instructions” in your manual and set the Gravity’s temperature to 350°F. Let it run for 20 minutes.
  • Turn the grill off and wait for it to completely cool down, which allows the oil coating to set in.
  • Complete this process at least 3 times before beginning your first cook.

Let us see those freshly seasoned Gravity 980s. Be sure to tag us on social media and/or use the hashtags #chargriller #teamchargriller. For ideas on cooks to complete on your new Gravity, visit our recipe page here!