1. Flavour

When a piece of meat is slowly smoked and given time to absorb all the smoke-flavoured aromas, the flavour created is an authentic ‘barbecue’ one.  Charcoal grills are considered by barbecue purists to give the best flavour as it produces a distinct smoky, grilled taste.  Lump charcoal emits stronger smoke aromas and flavours that penetrate the food from every angle.  It must be noted that true ‘barbecue flavour’ from the smoke can’t be replicated by cooking on a gas barbecue.

2. Portability

Most Char-Griller grills come equipped with wheels, so they can be quickly and easily loaded into the back of a Ute and you can be on your way to your favourite picnic or camping ground!

3. Temperature Range

On a Char-Griller Grill, you can increase or decrease the cooking temperature simply by adjusting the air vents on the top and bottom of the grill.  It is possible to slow cook a rack of ribs at 110°C for four hours, or bake a pizza at 260°C for 20 minutes.  Charcoal grills can achieve a broad range of temperatures simply by manoeuvring the charcoal to better control the temperature in specific areas.

4. Easy Maintenance

Char-Griller grills are easy to maintain due to simple griller mechanisms. Easy maintenance features include a grill grate which can be scraped clean, a compartment where charcoal is placed and a chamber below that collects excess ash. Ash is a breeze to remove being equipped with removable ash pans.

5. The Culture

There’s a definite charcoal griller culture of enthusiasts who love loading up the grill on a weekend.  There is an art to fine smoking and grilling that requires experience and no barbecue lover ever regrets any time spent on a perfectly seasoned, seared and smoked juicy steak!