Steak (& All Meats)

It is strongly recommended to cook food directly above the coals/heat for optimal flavour and taste. Generally speaking, to grill meat, raise the fire grate to a high position and sear for one minute on each side with the lid open to seal in flavour and juices. Soon after, lower the fire grate to a medium position with the lid closed and cook meat to desire wellness. You can control the heat with dual dampers and adjustable fire grates.

Place grilled meat back in the marinade for several minutes before serving – it will become tastier and juicier. CAUTION: Boil extra marinade first to kill bacteria remaining from the raw meat.

Chargriller Tips

Cooking with a MEAT THERMOMETER ensures food is fully cooked. Insert into the thickest part not touching the bone & allow five minutes to register. Internal temperatures for BIRDS should be 76˚C- 82˚C and meat should be 60˚C for rare, 71˚C for medium and 76˚C for well done.


A reverse sear is when you smoke your meat first then finish it off with a hot quick sear.

There are two ways to do a finishing sear, 1 is with a Cast Iron Griddle or Skillet, the other is using grill grates. Using grill grates you get the diamond grills marks or as Char Griller call them flavour bars. On a griddle the whole steak caramelizes and turns that beautiful mahogany brown.

A Reverse Sear is best for large cuts of meat like Sirloin, Rib Eye, Filet Mignon and T-Bone. We want to smoke our steaks at 122˚C until we reach an internal temperature of 48˚C for about 45 minutes. For an accurate temperature measurement, use a meat thermometer to control your temperature ranges when cooking to ensure your meat reaches your preferred tenderness.



Smokin’ Recipes

Using the Charcoal Grill side of the Duo with a WATER PAN. Pan not included. Disposable bread pan is recommended. SMOKE BY COOKING SLOWLY.

1.   Place water/drip pan on left side of fire grate.

2.   Place hot coals on right side (damper end) of fire grate. The charcoal basket accessory helps confine coals to one side.

3.   Place meat above water pan.

4.   Place fire grate in low position.

5.   Close lid & control heat with dampers & adjustable grate.

You may want to sear certain foods before smoking by placing meat directly above coals with LID open and FIRE GRATE in high (hot) position for several minutes.

Add flavour through soaked wood chips to the fire and add 1 part marinade, beer or wine to 3 parts water to the drip pan. OPENING THE SMOKING CHAMBER WILL EXTEND COOKING TIME.

Cooking with meat thermometer ensures food is fully cooked. Insert thermometer into thickest part not touching the bone, and allow five minutes to register. Internal temperature for birds should be 76˚C-82˚C or when leg moves easily in joint. Meat should be cooked to an internal temperature of 60˚C for rare, 71˚C for medium and 76˚C for well done. Check the water level when cooking more than 4 hours or when you can’t hear the water simmering. Add water by moving meat over and pouring water through the GRILL into the WATER PAN. IF THE SMOKE IS WHITE, THE FIRE’S RIGHT. IF THE SMOKE IS BLACK, ADD SOME DRAFT.