Char-Griller Premium grade charcoal is ideal source of heat for the ‘Low N Slow’ style of cooking. It is preferred by cooking enthusiasts for its efficient heat output and burn time and its well-recognised taste. When charcoal starts to burn it infuses your food with a smoky flavour which can not be replicated by cooking on a gas grill.

Charcoal produces less ash than standard briquettes. It is very responsive to oxygen, making it easier to control temperatures.

Charcoal is quickly becoming a highly recognisable energy source for the everyday cook or the cooking enthusiast looking for tender food and smoky flavours.


  • 100% natural plantation charcoal, being eco friendly
  • Non-sparking & non-smoking, creates safe and controllable burning
  • High calorific value; indicates efficient, economic burning
  • Restaurant grade charcoal, offers efficient, productive and mouth- watering result
  • Infuses food with a wood-fired flavour delivering the smoky taste
  • Environmentally & ecologically friendly, not making any impact on our eco system
  • Sustainable & renewable resource naturally eco friendly
  • Superior long burn time (3 to 4 hours), resulting in lower fuel use
  • 10kg will yield up to 10 bbq’s resulting in extended grill time lower fuel costs