Experience the ultimate charcoal cooking experience. Char-Griller Kamado is the most popular size in the market, it is a bbq, a grill, a smoker, and an oven, all rolled in to one. It can be used to roast, bake, sear, smoke, grill and even bake your favourite dishes.

Kamado’s unique shape and the use of premium grade insulating ceramic material produce ultimate heat retention and circulation of uniform heat. This technology and design allow the cooking process to create amazingly juicy food reaching absolute culinary perfection with minimal use of fuel.

  • Large diameter cooking grill, caters for a family
  • Stainless steel grill features a convenient hinged section that allows for easy placement of fuel/smoking chips without removing your food
  • Built-in shock absorbing plunger, protects against slamming and easy controlled lid closure
  • Can heat up to 450°C then lower to desired cooking temperature
  • Thick Ceramic Shell with glazed exterior finish yield longevity, ultimate temperature retention and ease of cleaning
  • Convenient folding side shelves, allow placement of condiments & drinks then fold away for minimum storage
  • Fully adjustable top and bottom dampers for precise temperature control
  • Built-in thermometer with large bezel for easy accurate temperature vision
  • Extra heavy duty spring loaded hinge that makes the operation of the lid a breeze
  • Fireproof felt seals that yield total insulation and longevity
  • Stainless Steel Stand with 4 Wheels (2 lockable) for longevity and secure placement
  • Includes: Ash tool for easy ash removal
  • Includes: Heavy duty all weather cover


Total Cooking Area (sq. cm.) – 1810
Fuel Type – Charcoal
Grate Material – High grade 304 stainless steel
BBQ Colour / Finish – Black dimpled vitreous enamel glaze 
Side Shelves – Yes, Laminated, clear lacquer finish, folding
Weight (kg) – 86
BBQ Width (cm.) – 129 (shelves opened)
BBQ Depth (cm.) – 79
BBQ Height (cm.) – 122




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